Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Crafting

Over the past few weeks we have really been getting in to the Easter themed craft activities.
Simple and easy and they all look fantastic when displayed amongst our home with all the decorations.

We used a printable found HERE and decorated these eggs with bits and pieces from our craft stash. ( I even had some egg wrappers from last year!!)

We used these sticker books (Coles for just a few dollars) and the Press Out book to create some goodies too!

We used the cute printable from Bianca at a little delightful to make gorgeous bunnies (I cut them all out , glued a button for a tail and they are on display and in frames around our home)

Angus loves to paint and make mess now too!

And also these cute chickens using another printable from a little delightful (thanks Bianca), the kids sponge and roller painted the chickens and then I cute their hand prints out of patterned card stock (then I can keep them )

So now we have a small flock of them adorning the linen cupboard doors.

And also these sweet chickens.
Just a circle face, some googly eyes and feather wings (I cut out tissue paper, serviette and small pieces of material and then the kids glued them on to the circle base to begin with ) The legs were great for practicing folding for the young kids.

And these are adding some cuteness to our boring Pantry door!!

A lazy Sunday activity from the Press Out Book (pictured above) a cute wreath that just needed to be glued, strung and hung. So sturdy too, so this will be added to the box and bought out again next year!

I have a few other activities prepped and waiting , but time is slipping away. Perhaps tomorrow or over the weekend!!

Have you been crafting?

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  1. Super cute! We're well overdue to do some craft. All that glue though... *shudder*


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