Sunday, August 11, 2013

Same same but different ....

I just love that saying, 'Same same but different' , it never ceases to make me laugh. Especially when said by a Balinese person who is trying to get you to buy something that is a 'genuine fake'.

Anyway, you know how it goes. You have children, and to you they don't look like anyone really, just themselves. Their big personalities take over and they looks and features are all their own. Every now and then they may look at you a certain way and you think ' oh geez, she is her fathers daughter '  or something to that effect but its when you go out, see people you know or show people photos that the comments start rolling in. 
People saying that Stella looks so much like me, then you turn around and the next person you see , says she looks like her Dad?! Go figure?!

But when it comes to siblings looking alike, I knew right from the start that these 2 of ours are like two peas in a pod.

That's Angus on the left and Stella on the right. Amazing huh?

And most people did not pick it. But I knew the minute Angus was born, he was just like his sister. 
In looks only , their personalities are polar opposites, especially at the same age. 
Angus is full on. A thrill seeker, fearless and never, EVER stops. 
At the same age, Stella was quiet. You told her off once and she never did it again. She liked to read and sit quietly. 

Don't get me wrong. I can see similarities in all of the kids. Even Max who seems the odd one out , but these tow, especially here!! Crazy!!

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  1. DNA is a freaky thing isn't it.
    My youngest son Zander doesn't look like his older brother and sister, snow white hair people always ask 'where does he get that hair' I wrote a post, quite some time ago now, very similar to this with a comparison shot of my little boy and one of his dad as a tolder at the same age. Twins I tell you. Twins. And I'd hedge my bets to say that they probably have the same personality.


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