Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Capturing a personality ...

Sometimes when you capture and image of a person, you can look at it and almost see their whole personality laid before your eyes. When I saw these images on my computer screen, I could almost hear the little cackle that our dear little Lacey makes. I could see her little personality shining through the screen. These images are the perfect captures of the essence of Lacey. 

She is determined,
Strong willed,
And often pretty naughty

But she is also super affectionate,
very loving,
gives THE BEST cuddles out of all the kids.
She is smart
she is loyal 
And is so caring when it comes to her siblings

This girl is going to run the country some day! Or at least do a darn good job at ruling the roost at her own home, with her own husband and family. 

It is always hard to get a good photo of Lacey as she just won't stand and pose for you, so these are already cherished. 
This is our Lacey ... 

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