Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas - Girls 6-8 years

The idea of Christmas looming is a rather scary one , but I must admit , I am super organised this year. I kind of have to be , seeing as though we live away from most shops and really only have Kmart. 
Plus can never judge postage and freight so its best to get in sooner , rather than later to make online purchases. I also have Christmas spirit in abundance this year! It seems last year I had very little Christmas spirit and this year I seemed to get the urge to decorate and launch myself into crafting and baking mid November! And you know what? I did it! Who says you have to follow the rules anyway? Do what makes you happy I say , and Michael Buble's Christmas album makes me happy!

Anyway, after talking about gifts and shopping on my Facebook page, there were a few requests for ideas and the purchases I have made for our children. So here we are, this is an idea of the things we have bought Stella, our eldest who is 7 and a half. I actually find Stella harder and harder to buy for. She isn't quite a 'big kid' and isn't quite a little girl anymore either. But she is still a child and I want to keep her that way for as long as possible! Stella has a love for jewellery, and anything crafty. This means craft kits are always always a huge hit and after trialling her on a el' cheapo adjustable version, she is getting the real deal in the way of signet rings this year. Still only $30 but totally precious to her! I have also had the pleasure of shopping on behalf of my parents for most presents for the kids. It just seemed more practical for me to buy or order things than my Mum do it then pay for postage to us again. So not all presents I list are from us. We have tried to scale back Christmas this year, there is no need to spend obscene amounts of money and they just expect it year in, year out there after anyway! Anyway, here you go! I'll be doing similar posts for the other kids presents too! 

General Presents

Bead Sets - Kmart $3- $7
 Little Live pet Butterfly ( I bought Stella's from Woolworths for $10 but you can find them HERE)
 Beados Gem set - I paid $28 but they are in most stores or HERE
Blue Tooth Speaker - Kmart $15

Signet Ring - $30 Bought locally but found HERE
Seedling Bangle set - $24.95 Entropy
Learning Watch - $30 Entropy
Book/ Lockable journal and Diary  - Target


Blink Time Watch - $5 Kmart
Gel Pens and highlighters - 2 for $6 Woolworths 
Kmart assorted small bits and pieces in their Toiletries section
Notebook and pen set - $5 ea Target 

Kmart really have some cute goodies to fill stockings and they are all so cheap too! Last year, the most popular present was a cheap one I added to a stocking so never under estimate the power of a touch watch or bath crayons!

Stella is also receiving a new bag for dancing (to carry her shoes and socks to lessons etc) , a small toilet bag/case for when we travel and a new outfit set.

I hope this has helped and given you some new ideas!

I promise , I have not forgotten about the wardrobe posts, how dare life get in the way of blogging!
Stay tuned for more Christmas gift ideas and a whole lot of spirit ! Lucky you!

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