Monday, July 16, 2012

Life isn't easy. Its not for the weak hearted. Nobody ever said it was. But it doesn't make it any easy to accept or deal with.

Life is precious, such a gift yet so unappreciated. Taken for granted by lots, wanted by some and unfortunately taken from many far too soon.

But.. it doesn't make it any easier.

Life can throw you lemons. Do you suck on them and be sour? Or pour yourself a tequila and enjoy the slammer?

Some days are hard. Harder than others. Some days are great, better than others. You have to take the good with the bad, or so they say, but when it comes down to it, I am pretty bloody lucky. I have more good days than bad, I am alive, I am blessed with 4 amazingly gorgeous children and one very spunky, sweet and caring hubby and I have a home. Warm, safe and ours. Our home.

Money. Money is the core of all evil. Its what makes the world tick, and unfortunately the fuel for life.
Money is basis for a happy , content life? Is it not?
I wish I was the type of person to not worry, not care about what money we had, what we owed and how we were going to make it. But I do. I worry. A lot.
And you know what? I am more fortunate that a lot of people. More fortunate that some people will ever be in their lifetime.
Yet I worry.
I am fortunate to be able to stay home and care for our children. Be there for them, for everything. See them grow, develop and flourish, before my very eyes.
I am lucky. Luckier than my Mum was.
For that I am grateful. Very very grateful.

                                                         we write our own storybooks

We have been going through a small "rough patch" financially, which I am sure is minor compared to some, but for a short time, I let it consume me. It affected the way I was living, it affected my ability to smile at things. And for me that is big, huge even.
It seemed like all the bills and problems all happened at once. The garage door breaks, the dishwasher stops working and that unexpected bill pops up. All at once.
But I decided that that wasn't good enough. A very , very wise woman said to me " There is no use worrying about it, its not going to change things". She was right, she always is.
So I changed my attitude, we changed our attitude and I am proud to say we are closing in on the last few days in this fortnight before pay day again, and we have money in our bank. Its a miracle or its due to not worrying. But its ok.

Worrying doesn't change things, it never has and never will. Please remember that.

I hope that if you are having a "rough patch" or if your rough patch is feeling a bit bigger than you care to like or want, then you will find comfort and solace in this. You are not alone.
Everyone is facing difficulties, in some way or other. Financially, emotionally, with their health or family.
Its how you deal with them that counts. Chin up, carry on and don't let that smile fade, not ever.
And remember, just because someone looks as if they might be ok, not having issues, lack of funds and their life seems so perfect. This may not be the case.
Life is hard. Its a hard financial time for most. We all have to stick together.

So what am I proposing? Where am I going with this?

Well you know that I like to decorate, organise, bake etc. All the good things.
Well I am proposing we all work together.
Once a week I will do an organising post on a part of my home, a cupboard, area or room.
One per week.  A low budget way of improving areas because to me, if my house is clean, tidy and organised , I feel better. It makes everything feel better.
Once a week I will share a low budget, cost effective tip on something. Anything. A way to cut costs and make better use of our hard earned money.
These are the things we can control. We may not be able to control a lot of the things that cause us to worry, but we can control these.
This is for me. For me to be accountable.
But also for you too. Play along. Organise with me.
Share your tips and tricks.
One a week, I am sure you can handle that!!

So who is in?

First up, the kids bathroom. Stay tuned.......

For an inspirational story, written by a gorgeous, sweet lady, please check this out.


  1. Hi Liz, I loved this post :) Being the usual water/council rates time of year (along with a kids birthday thrown in for us) this is our usual pulling our hair out time of year :) So I can completely relate at the moment!

    I think the low cost weekly post sounds like a great idea. There are a few blogs I read with amazing ideas for organising, and which say "all for under $150!" which is all well and good .... but I don't wan't to spend $150 to organise my linen closet! :)

    I love to hear some ideas which are more about effective use of space and cheap solutions, rather than saving up to buy some fancy organised system :D

    Havent commented much recently, but I love your blog and always enjoy your posts .... and thanks to your last post I may have to go and buy 50 shades of grey :P

  2. Oh I love this post! I adore this message. Well timed! Looking forward to your tips xx

  3. Great post hun, really needed to hear this today.
    Can't wait to join you on this journey

  4. You are such an inspiration sweetie. Fabulous post I cannot wait to see what you come up with on your weekly posts.

    Don't ever forget you are doing the most importane role at home and you will get there. Much love xx

  5. You're not alone! I'm trying to be Scrooge mcgooge at the moment to try and put away as much money as we can before our holiday, and every bill has just come in! 2 x car rego, electricity and a couple of smaller bills :( but you're friend is so right, stress and worry does not fix things, we do what we can and sometimes we need to consider all the good things we have to be grateful for and realise it's not all doom and gloom! I love budget anything so bring it on :) xxx

  6. An awesome post Liz. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm really looking forward to your great tips and posts. Love your work Liz and keep smiling :)

  7. Great post Liz, I come from a family where there never was much money, so I have learnt to be frugal.
    And it doesn't have to be doom and gloom, just a bit of a shift in attitude can make all the difference. One little tip I'd like to share is using For us it has been a great help in organising the finances, in a simple way, you can print everything out and see it all in black and white. Looking forward to the tips and tricks :)

  8. What a fantastic idea and what a fantastic post!! I am on maternity leave and am in the exact same boat. Cannot wait to read what you come up with, exciting things ahead for your blog.


  9. Very very true Liz!! Well done for being real and relivent!!! I had a quote that hung in the shop above the sink that I love and we live by... "don't let money control you, you control it!!!" Keep hanging in there, its just a season!! Love ya!! Xx

  10. We have been a one-income family for a little over 4 1/2yrs now and let me tell you, it's been one hard slog just to make ends meet. And I fully understand being more than greatful that I can "afford" to stay home and be a full-time Mum to the most precious, gorgeous little boys on this earth.

    At first we were fine financially, or so we thought. We didn't adjust our lifestyle to suit our income and so after a few years we saw every last cent of savings and investment earnings just slip away. A lot was spent on finishing off our home...a lot wasn't.

    So now, for the past year or so we've been "tight". Battling each and every bill. But it has only just, FINALLY come to our attention that we need a BUDGET! We've been living week-to-week for so long and we're sick of it. So we now have realised that the only way out is to be smart. And already in just 2 months I'm almost feeling like I can breathe again each week when the pay comes in. Bills are getting paid, the credit card is not getting hit!!

    I can't wait to join you in this journey Liz, bloody fantastic idea! xx


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