Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doily Hangings

After making these gorgeous hangings for Angus' Christening display, and sharing a before pic on my Facebook page, I have received a lot of queries about making them, and sharing the instructions.

The budget for our party was very small, but I knew I wanted to have a few things hanging. The paper lanterns are quite pricey, so there was always the crepe paper pom poms, but I was really short on time. The whole christening was organised in just a few weeks and I only started making and organising the week of, as I was sick before hand.

So if you want to try them at home, here is how I made them.

You will need a few packets of the extra large paper doilys, a stapler, double sided tape and fishing line to hang them.
 I bought my doilys from one of our cheapy shops, they were $2.50 and had about 8 -10 in each packet, I only bought one packet, however I did make a few small ones aswell.
I also had the idea, once they were made of course, that I could have used a Glimmermist Spray to change the colours and add a bit of shimmer, which I will definately try next time.

First, gently fold the doily in a consentina fashion, like you would a fan. It should look like this;

Repeat the process for another 3 doilys so you have 4 in total.
Lay the 4 doily stacks on top of each other.
Punch a few staples through the middle of the strips, 2 is enough.
Then put a strip of double sided tape about 3cm to one side of the staples.
Also put strips of tape in between the stacks of doilys. (Meaning, between the layer of one doily finishing and another starting)

Remove backing on double sided tape and stick the sides together.
You can see in the picture below where I have attached one doily to another ( in the middle) , then on the left, I will repeat the process. This is creating a cirle when stretchout out, instead of seperate doilys.

In the end , this is what it should look like, when stretch and fanned out.

For the small one I just used 3 doilys, but used the same method.

Gently thread a length of fishing line through a few top holes in the doily and tie.
We attached these to the ceiling with a few drawing pins, as they are quite light!

Enjoy them looking gorgeous.

I hope the instructions have been easy enough to follow!! I would love to see your doily hangings in use , so send me some pictures if you can!

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