Thursday, June 28, 2012

More details- The Christening.

Firstly, thankyou so very much for all your kind words and comments about my Christening Post yesterday. The family photos we got are so beautiful and will be treasured forever, and the day was just lovely.
Now I thought I would break down a few details about the decorating, and hopefully answer some already asked questions and a few left wondering at home.

The hanging garland is made of different sized paper circles (and some scolloped ones), that I cut out of Cardstock, just purchased at Spotlight. I randomly picked patterns due to their colouring, and actually used my Cricut machine but last time used different sized punches.
I then got out the trusty sewing machine and zipped up the middle, feeding in circles that I had randomly selected. Then tied them all to a piece of dowel.
The dowel is suspended from the ceiling by fishing line and attached with drawing pins!!
I know, just drawing pins. I didn't actually think it would hold, but my husband reassured me, and this time he was right!! hmmm not good! haha
The other white doily flowers are each hung from a drawing pin too. It was a great solution, minimal impact on the ceiling but maximum impact for the party.
Later on Today I will add instructions on how to create the doily hangings.

The glass candy jars, all at the back (pictured empty here) , were purchased from Target. A few just recently (for like $6 when I gave the tip off on my Facebook page) and a few over time. Cake Stand also a Target puchase but some time ago.
The blue and white Cupcake stand, and trays in the foreground are from Target ( do you think its the only department store we have?!) a while ago now, but they have recently had a pink version that was gorgeous, and perfect for parties! 

The little bottles I used for Choc milk I bought from Sweet Style quite a long time ago. They are gorgeous and used quite often , just for a cute little vase for a single rose from our garden but perfect for entertaining and the kids LOVED them!!  You can also buy similar little glass bottles from Bed, Bath and Table, they are in a pack of 8 I think and are very reasonably priced and slightly bigger if I remember correctly?!
The straws I picked up from our local party shop as my Pink Frosting delivery did not come in time!! ( DO NOT ask, such a sore spot but needless to say I will not be buying from them again!)

The doily bunting across the front of the table I made myself. So easy and seen everywhere around the traps but it never looses its charm. Just buy yourself a pack of small paper doilies, fold in half over a piece of string or ribbon and stick with double sided tape.

Food on the day was kept simple also. It feels like every party we have, I spend the whole time in the kitchen and never get to enjoy it!!  It was nice having the party inside this time. A smaller crowd helped but it was nice to all be in the same area. The weather was too cold to be outside.

I just baked some Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes,Cake pops, Choc chip cookies,  my Amazing Mum made yummy sandwhiches, and in the centre I used cute paper polka dot cupcake wrappers to make little individual portions of popcorn for the kids! For hot food we had Sausage rolls, Hot Mexican cheese dip and Corn Chips, Spinach and Ricotta parcels, and some little prawn pickies.

Another stress reliever was outsourcing the cake. We love the White Choc Mudcake from our local Cheesecake Haven so I bought one and took it home to decorate myself. A cute paper bunting I made ( 2 skewers, string tied inbetween and little triangles of craft paper glued on) , a cross deco (from the party shop) and a few gorgeous roses. These roses are actually from the top of our wedding cake. We have kept them in the freezer for over 7 years now, but every child has had them on their Christening cake, it feels so special to share the love that we had on our day , with the people we have created.

All our cups and plates were just basic plastic ones , bought from the local party shop. As I said, my package didn't arrive but it didn't matter in the end.

I think that is all I had to say, I did have Cupcake toppers, I made them myself on Word , had punched them and backed them, and forgot to put them out!! I also made the invitation myself in Photoshop , which I was really happy with and saved money also.

As you can see, I spent very little, used things I already had or cheap alternatives at the shop but still managed to create a beautiful display for our beautiful boy.

Any other questions, just let me know!!


  1. It all looks soooo gorgeous you clever chick. what a special day you created. You must have been totally knackered lol. I love all of it. Isnt is just so much fun getting your crafty on for a party! xx


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