Monday, June 11, 2012

Woolly Buzzing Bees

These Woolly Buzzing Bees kept the kids nice and entertained while the weather was woolly outside over the weekend. Going along with our "insect" theme, these were perfect.

All you need is;
A toilet roll
Yellow Wool
Black Wool
Googly eyes
Baking paper
Craft glue

All you need it do is;
Run a small line of glue along the roll and secure the end of your Yellow wool.
Wrap it around and around to your hearts content.
Then wrap some black wool around a few times to create some black bee stripes.
Glue the pre cut Baking Paper wings onto the top and then the googly eyes.
Bzzz bzzz bzzz

* This craft was quite quick to complete and all the equipment we had on hand, however Stella was the only child that had enough co- ordination to complete the wrapping by herself and she is 4.
This activity may be for older children, or ones with more co ordination!! haha

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