Friday, June 1, 2012

Roll Painting

If there is one thing that most kids love to do, is paint!! And in my experience (and a daily occurrence in our house) they also seem to be interested in Toilet Paper and toilet rolls!! Hmmm nice
Whilst Stella was at Kindy the other day, and my DH was sick in bed, I decided we needed to do something rather fun and a bit special. I usually like to reserve our craft and painting time to when Stella is at home, but as Max and Lacey are getting growing up, and Stella is bringing home lots of beautiful artwork from school, I figure its OK to do a few activities without her.

I saw this cool idea on Pinterest and seeing as though the kids enjoyed when we did it for a Valentines Day activity, I knew they would like doing it again.

Toilet Roll Paint Stamping

All you need is;
 a few toilet rolls
 ( Weird to say but I try and buy the ones that when empty, leave a clean roll , not with some paper still stuck to the glue!! ewwww!!)
Water based paints in a few colours of your choice
Plain paper or card stock
Art Smocks
Optional- Wipes or a flannel on hand for the little messes!! Ohh they will happen alright!

Simply cut the ends of the toilet roll in a pattern or design of your choice and even bend a few in a shape (like the love heart) . As above
I even left one just as a plain circle.

I put a few different colours on a paper plain for each child. I like using plates as they make for an easy paint clean up when you just chuck them!

And let them stamp away

And our Finished artworks;

When they were finished, I also let them stamp a large piece of brown paper each, off a roll I have in the cupboard. To use as pretty wrapping paper in the near future.
Why not put your paintings to good use and share the love?!

Once they had completed their stamping paintings, the area was quite clean and not much mess had been made, until.....................

I thought it was a good idea to paint a few plates red, for an activity we will be doing next week.
There was red paint for miles!! Thankfully its water based paint!


  1. Painting is one of the most wonderful art and teaching to kids is real innovation of creativity in them. It may help them to grow up their thinking and creativity.


    All hail water based paint!

    Bloody awesome! xx

  3. Ohhh Love, it was everywhere!!
    ANd I walked Lacey over to the sink and she touched everything on the way!

  4. Love this idea Liz. I came across this same idea a few weeks ago, just heart shape though, I have been collecting toilet rolls since! ...still yet to do some painting with them, but after seeing your post just now,,I might just have to do some today! Thanks for expanding my imagination beyond just hearts xx


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