Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cotton Tip Flowers

So... I like to craft alot with my kids.
But I don't like to spend alot of money on it, or go to much effort!
Sounds bad huh?
But at least I do it yeah?
This little crafty session was quite impomptu,as I had seen the picture on Pinterest this morning and knew it was super easy.And I had everything on hand.
Actually I do believe everyone would have the stuff on hand.


Cotton Tip Flowers
You will need;
A handful of cotton tips per child
A button for the centre
A cotton ball for the centre
Pipe cleaner in a green colour
A piece of cardstock
Craft glue
Optional; glitter

Now here is where I say I changed my mind. Today I used the glue, I had two 2 year olds, having them in charge of the glue is like tempting fate and I was not that brave today. Anyhoo.... I tried to glue the pipe cleaner down and it wouldn't stay. I knew it was going to take too long to dry so I decided to cut some green card for a stem and flowers instead. Just as effective and probably even better for storing in their craft folders.

I glued on the stem, leaf and then put little rows of glue around a centre blob and let the kids go for it and stick the cotton tips on.

Do not be afraid if it doesn't look too good, it is a kids craft activity after all, and I have to keep reminding myself , they are only just 2!! But that is also the beauty of glue, it dries clear!! Win!!
All that unsightly mess, vanishes with a bit of drying time!

Once all the cotton tips were stuck around the edge and the cotton ball was glued to the centre, we then put a little dob of glue on the top of it.

I let them sprinkle some fine glitter to the top and put there button on for a flower centre.

They look super gorgeous up on their art display canvas, and actually match perfectly with the toilet roll craft we did the other day too!!

I love how proud Max and Lacey get of their finished artworks, showing so much joy when they get hung up for all to see!

Such a quick and clean craft session, but with super cute results!!
This would also look fantastic in a smaller version , with the cotton tips cut up, on a card or small canvas as a gift.

To see more cotton tip craft, remember we painted Boomerangs for Australia Day ? POST HERE

The next craft session I will be posting about, we finished today. We used those paper plates we painted red the other day! If you want to craft with us, it would be a good idea to paint your plates soon too, so they are dry for the fun creating to happen! 


  1. So sweet!

    This looks like SO much fun!

    P.S WHERE did you get that divine kitchen table, the natural timbers are INCRED!

  2. Hi Cherie!
    I bought it in a local boutique, it sells clothing and homewares/furniture. Wanted it forever and sold my salon and treated myself. Absolutely love it!!
    You need to take a break and holiday in WA and I will take you there!xo


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