Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Christening

On the weekend, our darling Angus was Baptised. It was an extremely small affair, just our immediate family and Angus' beautiful Godparents.
If you follow my Facebook page, you would have seen a few sneak peeks! And I have promised photos , so here are they are (photo overload!);

Celebrating our Darling Boys Baptism Day

He seriously smiled. All. day.long!!

And for the decorations at home;

I made these cool hanging doily flowers , and I will do a post explaining how to make them in the next few days! So easy and CHEAP!!

Before we left for the church ;

And half full with food (hot stuff still to come)

Sorry if it was a bit of snap happy photo overload, but I hope you like it.
It really was a beautiful , casual day. Went off without a hitch and it was so nice to be surrounded by our loved ones, celebrating our little boys dedication to being a Catholic.
Any questions? Ask away, or if its easier I can do a explanation post, but I think its better to just look!! The best thing? Our table setting was so well priced, I think it came in around $70 in the end, yet was so affective and stunning in real life. Perfect for a beautiful little boy. xo


  1. Beautiful Liz! I really love the hanging circle garland =)
    Looks like a wonderful celebration!

  2. What a beautiful family!! Gorgeous photos Liz and everything looked amazing! Congratulations darling angus xx

  3. Oh my - your family looks so adorable all dressed up ready to go - what gorgeous kids you have! Sounds like you had a wonderful day - table and decorations looked superb!

  4. Gorgeous!! Everything looks beautiful!! xx

  5. Oh I love it Liz. The table looks stunning and I love that you managed to get such a gorgeous family photo with everyone looking. I'm so glad you little man was so happy. Molly was good as gold for hers but Miss Jas screamed and wriggled being baptismed and she didn't want to have anything to do with Father!

  6. Love the party planning. BTW that first family photo, devine, definitly frame worthy, you all look gorgeous.

  7. Gosh, where to start!

    I love ... EVERYTHING!

    Literally, everything.

    And you looked so pretty x

    Congratulations Angus!

  8. Absolutely DIVINE!!!! I only have one question. Are you available for hire?? Haha!

  9. ABsolutely GORGEOUS hun!!!
    Your family is so beautiful and you all looked great dressed up for Angus' special day.
    Happy Baptism day to Angus.

    Well done clever Mama xxxx

  10. Everything looks just beautiful Liz, including you! Can I be cheeky and ask for a run-down on your outfit (please include your devine shoes!)? Hope I'm not being too intrusive but I do love your style.
    Clare x

  11. Wow, you seriously have outdone yourself. The photographs from the day look like you had an amazing time. Thank you for sharing. It seriously does look like a beautiful ceremony.


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