Friday, June 8, 2012

Paper Plate Lady Bugs

You may have noticed we have been crafting a lot lately? Boredom busters for crazy 2 year olds!!
We put to use the paper plates we painted the other day, and set to creating a few lady bugs.

You will need equipment as follows;

Painted plates
Black card stock
Some circles cut out of black card
A few antenna cut out of black card
A stapler
Craft glue
A few boggley eyes!

Firstly cut out a semi circle shape from the black card. I traced around a bowl and then cut them out.

Staple to the top of the plate, and staple the antennae to the black card. This is the lady bugs head

Glue the black circles wherever you please. Then glue the boggley eyes to the black head at the top.

An alternative to the black circles could also be,  a pack of black dot stickers, painted black spots or even a potato stamped spot.

This craft session seriously only took 15 minutes , including the clean up, as I had everything prepared and ready to go!
We are going to make a few more 'insect' related crafts, as that is our theme at the moment , then we are moving on to an "Ocean" theme as Stella has just completed this at kindy last term.

Happy crafting!


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  2. I just adore this!

    I can't wait for Max to be old enough for me to do crafts with him each day!

    I love how devoted you are to your beautiful kiddies!

    Chez xx

    (a baby called Max)

  3. Ohh thanks for reading Cherie! I am very chuffed!
    Max will LOVE crafting, our kids do and its a great way to keep them amused and entertained!
    Plus the little proud smiles are hard to beat!

  4. Very cute Liz! I made some little ladybirds once with the kids, but we used red card cut in half for the wings, and black stickers for the spots, and made it a little odd/even activity :) I like how you painted them previously though, then there's no waiting around for the plate to dry! :)

  5. Liz i just love your new blog look. Some yummy and great craft ideas for me to try this coming month. x


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