Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Planning a Baptism

Its been a bit quiet around the Bizzy Dayz traps lately. A combination of tiredness, 2 year old tantrums and party planning , are all keeping me very busy!!

Our dear Angus is being Baptised on the weekend. A last minute booking, as we really should have had him done a few months ago. We have decided to keep the affair VERY simple and quiet. Just immediate family and a few select friends.
Not that we don't think its an occasion to celebrate, because it is, but because in just 4 months ( how sad for Mumma) our darling baby boy will be turning 1 and a big party will be planned and had !
So for now, a quiet morning tea is all that is needed and the rest of the celebrating will be done at the end of October (Halloween to be exact!!)

Even though we are are having a quiet gathering after the ceremony, doesn't mean I can't go to my usual effort of decorating and party planning. The meaning is still there , and it is for my little boy after all!

Again, I am trying to keep the budget very very low, and only purchasing if I really have to. I am fortunate to already have quiet a few props and equipment for Parties, so that helps but so far, I have only spent $68. Most of that being on paper plates, cups , serviettes etc and I did an online order at Pink Frosting. There was so , so much to choose from, and if the budget was unlimited , so so much I could have purchased and the party would look absolutely ahhhh- mazing, but that's not the case.

I have created a board on Pinterest (follow my pinterest by clicking the P button on the right of the page) for Angus' Baptism, and began to pin anything I liked. Soon it became apparent , what I liked and the general look I was going for as I was pinning all the same stuff!
Here are a few pics I pinned;

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

And of course this;

Pinned Image

No one can forget the super gorgeous Christening that Jade ( Super Organiser Mum) did for her son Oliver.

See? It was pretty clear that my colour scheme would be baby blue and white!! So... this week has meant some DIY crafting sessions at night in front of the TV, to create some decorations and bits and pieces. So far I have made gorgeous Doily hanging Stars, a doily bunting , a cake bunting and some cupcake toppers. There is still plenty of more to do , but there is still a few days left, and some late nights to be had!

I'll keep you posted, and after Sunday I will share the table and stockists, and even include some step by step tutorials, as requested!!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Liz,

    You did such a brilliant job with the Christening!! Our budget is small too and we only have a little brunch but I am still stuck!! I love the paper garlands and I will be giving these a whirl x


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