Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cheeky Finds...

One of the biggest things (other than my family) that I miss about our new town , is the lack of shopping. I know there is the wonderful thing called the internet, oh believe me, I KNOW! However, sometimes you just crave a little wander. The useless, time wasting thing called 'Window Shopping'. 
One of my favourite past times was perusing the isles of my local cheapie shop, or looking with awe at all the pretty little boutiques. 
I wanted to share a few shopping finds that I have found and purchased recently. Some online and some from places you would least expect it!

Our kids needed new bathers as we are at the pool 3-4 times a week , and I am quite particular about what I buy, as in the styles. I can never find Rashie and bather bottom sets for the girls and refuse to buy 2 sets to just get what I want. Then low and behold , I find these sets at Woolworths and for just $6 for the boys boardies and $9.20 for the girls sets , bargain!! 

Do you remember these? Well I sure do! We used to have them as kids and would use a spoon to scoop out the ice!! And only $2 from Woolworths. The kids are loving them!! (and so is Mummy for her adult juice!!)

Now I didn't buy any of these but Woolworths have some fantastic Christmas Gift ideas in stock and at really reasonable prices too!

Take these Ride on bikes for example, our kids loved theirs and they are fantastic for holidays for chucking in the boot for impromptu park visits. $30 each

I have a terrible obsession with Jelly sandals. They are perfect for living in the Pilbara. I can wash them off, they don't get affected by the dirt colour and they don't scuff or mark. And these beauties were only $20 from Just Jeans! 

 I am loving the gorgeous disposable plates and bowls from Kmart and they match my decor for this year perfectly!! Only $2 a set!

And all the gorgeous and cheap plates etc at Kmart , I may have bought 4 of the divided plates on the bottom, they were also $2 each!

And some more gorgeous Jelly sandals. This time from Seed, and they have been worn to death already! 

And last but not least, our little Angus has developed quite a love for the Planes movie characters (without actually seeing the movie) and for his recent birthday, I picked up these Tshirts and boardies for just $5 a piece from Woolworths. He loves them and they are washing and wearing so well! 

Have you found any good bargains recently? Feel free to share on my Facebook page or here in the comments!! 
Enjoy and happy shopping!

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