Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Halloween.  Such a controversial topic.
In our home, we love Halloween. We love the crafts associated (I will share a few simple ones we did tomorrow), we love to decorate the house and we love to dress up. 
Seeing as though it is also Angus' birthday, it has made the organising and celebrating a little hard but we seemed to hit the jackpot this year!

By mid October our front cupboard unit (the first thing you see when you enter our house) went from this;

to this;

A simple display with some goodies I have picked up quite cheap over the years.

And who can resist the fake spider webs?

And this year we received a new goodie to add to our decks.
My MIL is a fantastic patchworker and sent this up to us!! Awesome hey!

Stella also had a dress up day for school, and she asked to go as a Vampire! I didn't think she even knew what a vampire was but they were obviously talking about it at school! 
Thankfully my Mum sent up some costumes from the cheapie shops as we don't have any of those in our new town!

The most gorgeous Vampire I ever did see!

Stella's teacher also dressed up as a witch and looked fantastic and decorated her whole classroom with spiderwebs, signs and bats etc. It looked amazing and the kids were all so excited and stoked!

And that arvo/night, we all headed off to a Halloween party at a friend of Stella's house. 
All the kids were invited which was fantastic and I think they looked so cute (and Angus had a ball on his birthday night)

At the party (which was a bit out of town) the kids did Trick or Treat (only going to the party holders families houses in the street) , watched a Halloween movie, had some dinner , played with glow sticks and had fun with a pinata.

All in all, the day and night was a heap of fun , and thats what it is all about for our family and children!

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