Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Organising and Tizzy- ing!

As you all know by now, we have moved towns and houses in the past 6 months , and we are now in a rental property.
This is an entirely new ball game and situation for me, as we have always owned (paying off) our own home and I could do just as I pleased with our rooms and walls. If I wanted to hang something I could, if I wanted to drill something , hubby would! ha
However, that is no longer the case, and I am finding I have been quite reluctant to decorate and personalise our rooms, even though I know you can do a lot with soft furnishings and some command strips, I guess the idea of not having free reign puts me off.

Sooooooo, to encourage myself , and perhaps a few of you at home, reading along, I thought I would start up the 'Organising on A Budget' Series that I ran on the blog a fair while ago.
Do you remember the Laundry post, The Shared Wardrobe , Pantry Door Organising , Laundry Cupboards, Our Main Bathroom  and of course, the popular Toy Room Makeover ?

Well I aim to do the same thing with our rooms and spaces in our new house, all with a small - as - possible budget , the least impact on the walls and existing house (rental conscious) and as best as I can from a town with not much choice in the way of shopping (Kmart and supermarkets is about the extent of it ).
Even though we have only recently moved into this house, it was a fast and thoughtless move, in the way that my husband had to work the day the removalists came, we had just a few days to get the house in working order and not much thought was put in to the placement of items etc. Now we have had a bit of time to live and use the areas, the problems and lack of efficiency are evident!! But not for long!

I am armed with a list of rooms, spaces and cupboards that need help and a revamp, and  the wonderful world of the Internet to inspire, and supply the goods.

Wish me luck!!
And if you have any ideas, hints or tips that you would like to share, I would LOVE to hear and see them!!
I would also love to see any revamps you may have done at your house, before and afters are my fav!! I am looking at popping some others that have been shared on the blog also! So flick me an email, or message me on Facebook if you would like to be included!!

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