Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to School - Hair Station

If you have girls, doing hair is a large part of the before-school -rush. It takes time and patience and even though I am a hairdresser, I still struggle with getting the girls to comply and create a neat look that lasts all day. Especially now that they like to request certain styles!! 

School for us starts at 8:10am with the classroom opening at 7:55am so its an early start, which means there isn't a lot of time in the mornings . I certainly miss that extra half hour we used to have before we moved. 

To make the mornings easier, I thought we needed to create a few stations to help and the first being a 'Hair Station'. 
Somewhere that all the items we need for doing the girls hair in the morning. 
Something that was easy to transport and could be taken to the living or dining areas if the need arises , and light enough that the girls could help retrieve it for me.

While away on holidays, I made the most of checking out my old favourite department store , Target!! Target oh how I miss thee!!
Anyway, I picked this white tin up from the Laundry section for about $7.50 on sale. It is metal, plain and has a handle. Perfect!
All that was  needed for it to 'look the part' which is of course, very important , was attaching a cute tag. This is actually a Project Life Card from a school mini kit, I just trimmed it down to a smaller square shape and re -rounded the corners. Tied with a simple piece of Bakers twine and everyone knows what its for. 

Then I collected all the necessities;

De tangling spray
Hair Brush
Comb (for creating straighter parts and sections)
Hair Lackeys
School clips/Accessories

And of course, Suncream. It is a crucial part of our School Prep and therefore this is a great place to store it. 

I found these School clip sets at Best and Less while on Holidays as well. They are the perfect colour to match the school uniform and will save our pretty clip collection from being lost!

Now the tin has pride of place on the Bathroom bench top. The vanity in the main bathroom is small, however I feel its the most practical place to have the Hair station seeing as though it will be use daily!

Hopefully this a a problem area of our School day prep that has been conquered. Stay tuned to see if it works!! It couldn't get much better and I have a feeling I am going to be run off my feet in the mornings now!! 

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