Thursday, January 16, 2014

The year that will be 2014 .....

Happy New Year !!
 I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and are happy to see a new year come around once again! I have had a wonderful few weeks away, spending time with friends and family and returning to our home town but its down to business now, school starts again soon and life is gearing up yet again.

As each new year comes around , its customary to make a 'New Years Resolution', and each year I do just that.
 However, it seems to be the same few things that I try and commit to or at least promise myself. 
BUT .... this year I have scrapped it all. 
Choosing instead, to choose a word. A word to live by and use to define moments and my reaction to them all.

It may seems strange but I am excited by the idea.
Something to remember when life is giving you lemons, a positive outlook to dreary day. 
For the year that will be a full, happy and successful 2014 for us (here's hoping), I have chosen APPRECIATE. 

I want to appreciate every situation, however unfortunate it may be or I may feel, purely for the life lessons learnt.
Appreciate our family and friends, for the love, support and being in our lives.
Appreciate the life we live. Our home and our belongings.
Total appreciation for our health, and hope that it continues.
And lets not forget, appreciate our beautiful children , to no end. The joy they bring us , the love they share and light they have.

And taking a new found appreciation for the small things in life. 
Trying to notice and cherish the birds chirping. 
Feeling and liking the cool breeze on my face or the wind in my hair
Stopping and listening to the infectious laughter of our gorgeous children

The things in life, big and small, I hope to appreciate them all and make 2014 a beautiful and joyous year for our family x

So perhaps if you haven't set a New Years Resolution for 2014, you could choose a word to live by too! I'd love for you to share it with me x

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