Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The lead up ...

The lead up to Christmas Day is always a full on affair !
This year will be our first Christmas away from family , which is bitter sweet really. Its sad that I won't get to give my parents and family a kiss and cuddle, that the kids won't see their grandparents and cousins , which is what Christmas has always been about for us. But also a little exciting.
We will be spending our first Christmas Day just as a family of 6. Our first day where we won't and don't have to leave the house , don't have to rush the present opening and flit from one house and family to another. We can take the day as it comes, eat and drink when we want and spend the day playing and constructing all the new fantastic things the kids are receiving !! ( I am slightly excited about the Lego constructing , I love Lego!)

It also seems the lead up and atmosphere around town is a little different than what we are used to.
The town and shops are actually a lot quieter that usual, no frantic shoppers and crazy car parks. Everyone seems to leave town to return home (this is a transient town with most people being here for the same reason ; to get ahead in life), escape the heat or go on holidays to somewhere far more exotic than the Pilbara!

Today was a rather calm Christmas Eve - Eve . A Post Office visit with 4 kids ( my pet hate but they were all well behaved for once) , a trip to the supermarket for fresh bread and a collection of our Click and Collect order. Then home to clean out the fridge, put away the shopping and stock the bar fridge with yummy drinks for the next few days.
Then the baking begun (in between building Lego firetrucks and girly villages) . Today was some yummy chocolate balls, mini Christmas Puddings, delicious Sun dried Tomato and Cashew dip and some simple Pasties for dinner (they were an absolute hit with the kids !)
And I have even started to make a trifle!! A trifle!! I don't like nor eat it , however my husband loves it and it is such a traditional Christmas dish, so I am giving it a go!
And how could I forget Mums treat?  Watermelon Champagne Slushies ( OMG Delicious!!)

And now?! Its only one day to go. The anticipation is nearly killing the kids ! They are so darn excited and its just the most precious thing!!

I hope you enjoy your Christmas Eve!

The kids in front of the big Christmas tree at the front gate of Daddies work!! 

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