Friday, December 20, 2013

Festive Joy Around Our House

Its no secret that I love to decorate our home with lots of Festive goodies. This year has been both a challenge yet enjoyable, seeing as though we are in a different house. I usually have the same spots for everything and setting up the decorations is both quick and easy, however this year has been a little challenging. 
Its a slightly smaller house, less cupboard and display spaces and , of course, a different lay out.
Not to mention the fact that it is a super dark house! Making photographing our spaces and different things, especially for the blog, quite difficult. 

Here are a few snippets of the Festive Joy around our home;

We have 2 book baskets this year. This one in the main living area is full of the Christmas board books and the other in our dining area is for the larger, soft cover and precious Christmas books. 

Our tree this year. I am a real stickler for the traditional Christmas colours , so the decorations stay the same from year to year. This year however there are a few homemade decorations , the Beaded Candy Canes  and a few other bits and pieces. These presents are all from family, we took advantage of a car coming up this way to save on postage costs. 

A cute corner of the living room,

The goodies on the kitchen bench. So tempting for all who walk past!! (this jar was full! ha)

And just for fun, some cute Christmas Crafts Stella did at school. You've got to love the funny snowman face! haha

These are just a few small areas of our home, there is , of course, plenty more !

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