Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yummy Homemade gifts

Another thing that has quickly become important and part of our/my yearly Christmas tradition is the baking of yummy treats.
 Its not always easy, nor very budget savvy to be able to give gifts to all of your friends or family, however a small bag of treats can often mean more than an expensive present.
I like to be able to thank people for being a part of our lives. Thank them for their friendship, support and since we have moved, for making the transition so much easier than it could have been!

I tend to stick to the more traditional recipes and in the past few years I have made the same usual items ( See previous posts HERE and HERE) however this year I decided to make a few different items.

I have wanted to make a nice Tomato Chutney ever since getting our Thermomix,  and seeing as though my husband made a trip south, we were able to buy a heap of tomatoes quite cheaply (well at least not $5 a kilo like they are here !!) . A handful of other ingredients that I already had in the pantry and voila, yummy Tomato Chutney! 

I used THIS recipe , however the first batch was quite runny, so the second one I doubled the Corn Flour amount. 
The flavour is sweet and super yummy in a nice ham and salad sandwich! 

Other treats I have made this year are ; Apricot balls, Cherry Ripe Chocolate Fudge, Pistachio and Turkish delight chocolate treat and some mint flake chocolate. Ohhhh and some yummy ginger biscuits!

I used these cute bags from Kmart (only a few dollars for a pack of 10) and some pretty ribbon and tags and all bundled together, with some Chutney, it made a perfect little gift for teachers, and friends.

The gifts seemed to be a hit, everyone loves a bit of sweetness at Christmas! 

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