Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmassy Crafts

As the days tick over  towards Christmas Day, so do the lists on our Christmas Calendar!!
All those little things. Baking activities, crafts, places to see and things to do, some are getting crossed off the list, others just aren't . And that is all ok. I have learnt that you just can't do everything! 

However , here are some of the things we have been managing to complete. 

We spent an afternoon decorating some basic Foam Christmas trees ( I purchased them in a 2 pack for $2 from Kmart) .

I pre- painted them all ( to save hassle and time) so the kids just had to stick their pretties all over them! 
They are so proud and they look gorgeous sprinkled around the house , but would be fantastic as gifts too! 

I also sat up crafting one night to make these pretties wreaths. Again with simple foam wreath shapes from Kmart ($2 each) . I cut some fabric in Christmas colours into thick-ish strips and wound them around the wreath until no white was showing. Some ribbon to hang and some basic green and red buttons glued on and voila ! Pretty decorations or home made gift. 

Kmart has been a hit for Christmas craft supplies this year (and its helpful that it is our only department store up here). I managed to pick up some Foam stamps for a few dollars, and immediately thought of paint stamping for wrapping paper. 

So .. one afternoon, the kids stripped off to their undies (the only sane way to paint!) and got to making some pretty wrapping paper with a few lengths of brown paper , red, green and gold paint and lots of smiles and giggles!!

Easy  and effective. 
Fun for the kids and paper that family and friends will love for the meaning.

These activities just go to show, you don't need a lot of money , nor time to complete some gorgeous Christmas crafts. 

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