Monday, December 9, 2013

Alfie's Adventures

Alfie, our Christmas elf, has been having a right old time at our house since he arrived!! He is getting into all sorts of mischief and the kids are loving it!! I must admit though, so are we! 
Setting up his scene every night is so fun and we often giggle through the whole thing!

Here is what he has been up to so far;

Catching a ride in the car parade

Looking for a Christmas movie

Having a swinging good time!

Poor Alfie misses the North Pole, so he spent the night in the fridge!

Naughty Alfie, having fun with some red paint! 

Oh o!!  A stand off with Buzz!! I don't think that fort helped him too much! 

Having a night off from his antics and having a good sleep in the Maileg bunny bed

Watching some late night TV with his Buddy , Woody 

I'm off to set up tonights Naughty scene!! It has become such a gorgeous part of our (early) mornings since he arrived! The kids love going looking for him, seeing what he has done for the night!!

Do you have an Elf at your house? Do you have some good ideas for us too?

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