Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't waste the Pav!

Nothing feels more suitable for Australia Day than a yummy Pavlova! It was funny to see on my Instagram and Facebook feed how every man and his dog was making and/or eating one too! 
Being the Martha Stewart I am, I ducked bought Pav shells from Woolworths and just threw the toppings together without much thought, well just a thought of the way it tasted of course! 

But it seems I wasn't the only one 'throwing' things around. When I opened the box of 10 shells, only 6 had managed to survive the rough treatment. Pretty lucky seeing as though we are a family of 6.

But what do you do with all these pieces of yummy meringue that look like they should just be thrown away? 
Why make a lovely little 'Pav Smash Special' of course! 

Simply layer cream, fruit and the broken meringue pieces in a glass or bowl then drizzle with passion fruit pulp to finish! 

No waste in this house!!
It made for a yummy desert for later that night when the kids were in bed, and in my opinion , I think it actually tasted better!!
Or maybe it was just because the kids were in bed, everything tastes better then!  

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  1. Gotta love a pav! They are seriously SO Easy to make, im pretty sure Thermie will do it for you! Pav making lesson??


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