Friday, November 7, 2014

Guest Feature with Gemma - The Pantry and Fridge

Another Friday means another Gemma Does Housework post! 
If you guys have any requests or suggests, feel free to flick me an email or Message on my Facebook Page, but for now , I'll leave it to Gemma 


Alrighty, lets do the Pantry and Fridge. Not really my favourite part and not really my forte but its organised, and I feed our family healthy, nutritious meals so I think I am doing ok!


She's not overly glamorous but she is organised to the max! Two words - IKEA and Tupperware. I love the Tupperware Modular Mates. I just wish I had ordered the white lids all those years ago. I've considered replacing them - but that would be a crazy waste of money. 

Jars/ tins organised and lined up and larger items in boxes. Perfect
The Ikea PLUGGIS tubs are great for condiments and unopened bottles/jars.
Along the very bottom shelves (which you can't see) I have the PLUGGIS tubs lined up with stubby holders, torches etc)
The Ikea TROFAST tubs for extra storage up the top.

I use baby wipes to wipe the shelves every now and then - the usual spot cleaning deal . The worst part about my pantry? Filling it!

The Ikea VARIERA shelf inserts are great for small spaces. Practically doubles your storage. They are great for tins, cans etc.

So the Modular Mates for just about everything - baking goods, spices , pasta, nuts, snacks , cereals, biscuits etc. Don't ask me to live without my Pantry mates, couldn't do it!

Everything gets opened and put into containers. Easier, neater , and stays fresher. 

These Trofast tubs are on the floor of my pantry , and they hold plastic plates and utensils, napkins and party supplies. I also have them up the top and they are for things like Fly spray etc and other stuff I need to stash.


My fridge is typically bare. I drop in at the shop most days, yes I should do one big shop , but dropping in seems to work for us. 
Its simple really, everything has a spot and whenever I unpack shopping , I wipe down the area with a damp Viva (paper towel) or a baby wipe, whichever I grab first. Again , spot clean as you go, easier!

All of the condiments are in the red PLUGGIS tub, all of the pickled veg (olives, gherkins etc) are on the bottom door shelf (which you can't see) and the next shelf is for salad dressings. The door shelves are for small jars. 
I use the Tupperware fridge mates for carrots, lettuce etc and the rest are in the first big drawer. Fruit is in the second drawer. Cheeses and meats are in the pull out tray.

I keep two sets of cups in the fridge so the kids can get their own drinks using the ice/water dispenser, luckily our Lola (nearly 3) can't reach yet! Phew!

If you read the labels, most condiments need to be refrigerated after opening - these PLUGGIS tubs are perfect for stashing and storing. My pantry and fridge would be a wreck without them.

And finally, just a tip - I always de -sticker and wash my apples and pears before putting them in the fridge or fruit bowl.  Saves me time when dishing them out , or the kids sticking them around the house!

Like Liz said, send your requests in, if I can help, I will do a post . 

See ya next week!


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