Thursday, November 20, 2014

Organising on A Budget - the Second Drawer

These Organising on a Budget posts were supposed to be coming weekly, unfortunately that idea has gone by the wayside, life is busy. What can I say? 
But .... I do still have a list a mile long of little organising jobs and problem areas around the home that need some attention! 
(Please forgive my gorgeous crappy photos, my beloved DSLR is having issues and has been sent away for repairs. I feel like my arm has been cut off!)

Insert problem area- The second drawer. We all have them . The utensil drawer, the place where all the commonly used items get chucked in a haste while putting dishes away , or rifling through while in search of the perfect tool.

Ours was annoying the beejeebies out of me!! It was getting hard to push the drawer shut!! And we have old school drawers (with gorgeous salmon pink fronts ) that are more than a little bit worse for wear, and no runners to help with the problem.


Our Mess!!

First step? Empty everything out of the drawer. Cull and chuck whatever is old and crappy , rehome the things that really don't need to be there and give everything else a quick wash and dry. 

I didn't want to spend anything to re-organise this drawer and seeing as though we go through a lot of Strawberries and cherry tomatoes, I started to keep the plastic tubs they come in from the shop. Waste not, want not right?! 

A piece of cute wrapping paper cut to size (and secured with double sided tape) , the plastic tubs and some re-organising and the drawer is finished!! 

I already had the wrapping paper (from the bedside drawer project
and the containers are constantly going through our home and rubbish 

Great to look at and user friendly! Lets see how long this lasts! 

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