Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Some of you may already be aware (if you follow my facebook page) but I'll tell you again, I am on a mission!!  A personal mission to shed 30 - nasty- bulgy- lumpy - kilograms!
I am calling it my "30 before Thirty" as I turn 30 in mid March 2015 and am using it as a goal. Its a bl*#dy BIG goal, and although I am working my buttocks off (yes please!) I know it may be a tad unrealistic but a girls gotta dream right?

Now, I want to mention that I have , in fact, tried most of the diets out there. Only a few have ever really 'worked' for me, or with me , and this time I am not trying a diet or program. I am doing my own thing, but I am taking more time out for myself. Carving it out more like it , but that time thing , its hard to find the back up reserve sometimes! We all need a little more of it in our days!
In the last 6 years , I have had 4 babies (twins thrown in there), breastfed for 3 years and life was beyond crazy. To say the least. And even though I am still busy, as the kids are growing up, each stage is different and I am finding it a little easier to turn some attention to myself. I need to do it. Its about time!
There were days when I had a 2 year old and newborn twins that even showering was a luxury. Sleep was non existant and exercise just did not happen! Now? I am run off my feet, my husband works shift work  but I can take the kids along to my bootcamp sessions and they play while I huff and puff. I have discovered that I neeeeeeeed to start making more time for myself or I just fall in a heap. Then I am no good to anyone. So whatever works for you , and this seems to be working! YAY!

Other changes?
I have started eating breakfast. Every.Single . Day.
I have started eating lunch. Every. Single. Day.
These two things in themselves are massive changes for me.
I now exercise at LEAST 5 days a week. 4 Bootcamp sessions plus walking the troops and dog in the afternoon. I am no longer using the weather ( it likes 40 degrees with a minimum of 25 daily here!!), because that is just another excuse. Plus that saying "sweat is just your fat crying" really is correct!! Cry fat cry!!

I do not want the weight to fall off too fast, I want to lose it at a steady, healthy pace and I want it to stay off. I am sick of being fat! I am sick of looking in the mirror and hating my reflection. So I am doing something about it! Ringing a cord with you? Don't worry, I GET IT!!

I am finally seeing results for my hard work. I actually put on weight when I started training properly. The whole muscle weighs more than fat really sucks, but hey?! That muscles is what burns fat so bring it on!! I am now nearly 5 kg and quite a few centremetres down, not yet feeling it in my clothes enough for my liking but it will all happen. I am just trying to be patient. And I am trying to give myself non-scale rewards and goals.
The last one being - buy new exercise clothing! And doesn't it feel good to have tights that don't fall down when I run? And proper fabric that keep me cool when its 38-40 degrees!! Amazing!

So rather than saying I am 'on a diet' , I like to say it like "I am making a lifestyle change".
Taking time to be Liz again, not Mum, not the housewife, not the maid nor the chef. Just me. And if its a little inconvenient to my family, stiff biccies!! Its happening!

Now this is kind of a big deal for me, putting it out there on the WWW but I thought it would make me accountable. And maybe my journey and battle in my home is similar to the one happening in yours, then we can do this together! Do you have goals or a 'New Years Resolution' for 2015? I just want to look better in bathers, and have more confidence with my body. Sounds easy, but losing weight is one of the hardest things you can do! Want to join me ?

I'll keep you posted how I go, wish me luck ;)

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  1. I've got a huge amount of weight to lose, and like you I prefer the slow and steady method. I totally get how disappointing it can be to GAIN weight when you really want to lose it! The thing is though, it's the kind of weight that you WANT to gain. The muscle is heavier than the fat, it's just denser. A kilo of muscle takes up about a quarter of the space as a kilo of fat. It's why yo weigh more, but are finding that your clothes are probably fitting better and your measurements are going down. Good luck on your journey, it really is a lifestyle change!

    Annie xox


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