Monday, June 1, 2015

Paint and Customise a Dipped Basket

Dipped furniture and baskets are very  'on trend' at the moment , however its not always practical and can be costly to buy new items when you already have them at home. By painting your own items, you are able to customise the colours and patterns to suit your tastes and decor , and add any personal touches that wish.

Once I had seen the painted dipped baskets in Kmart (even though they are only about $10) , I instantly thought of the basket that I already had at home , that wasn't being used. To be honest, I didn't even purchase it myself - I bought some wooden toys off a Buy and Sell site on Facebook and they came in the basket. Win!

Plus I had some paint left over from my Kids Kitchen Makeover , so this little project came in at $0 is  outlay. Just the type of project I like ;)

Fancy having a go at something similar yourself? It was so easy, I have been on the hunt of more things around the house to dip paint!! Try it!

Any Basket will do, but something with more of a closed weave is more effective and easier to paint. 

I used a normal ruler and a chalk pen to measure and mark a like around your basket to act as a guide. This really is a test of a steady hand and good eye , but if you are accurate with this step, you are more likely to have an even effect.

Start by painting your line around the top , then just paint everything below that (or above, depending on the look you are after).  My basket needed 2 coats.

And that is it!! Seriously! Finished!!
Despite a groady and aged rental bathroom, the basket adds the perfect pop of colour and is a great size for this bathroom. We are using it for a dirty clothes basket, as I wash regularly and don't need anything bigger. By painting the basket in my favourite colour, it ties in so many other little bits and pieces I have around the home. 

This project didn't cost anything for me, as I already had the basket and paints, and if you had to go out and buy those items, then it would definately make more sense just to buy the Kmart versions. However, by painting your own, you can choose any colour you like and match it to your home decor. 

Next time I might try a pattern , or I would love to do some polkadots! Yes, Polkadots! 

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