Monday, March 14, 2011


On this day that I turn the ripe old age of ........26 , I feel that I should share with you 26 facts about myself! (the Pressie loot is to come!!)

I am a Pisces (derrrrr)
I am addicted to One Tree Hill , Like a teenager, soooo terrible yet soooo good!!
I LOVE olives, eat them outta tha jar sort of love, anytime , anywhere
Every year for my birthday we have Pizza and Spaghetti, the same thing we have had since I was 2, and only because I can't think of anything else to have!
I am a night owl, I try and go to bed early and that is 10pm still
My favourite colour is white, I know its not a real colour but I loike it!
My husband and Mum are my best friends,  cute hey
I am so indecisive about my hair at the moment, I have left it boring as anything until I decide
I wish I could swim, I can swim, but not like a fish, I want to be a fish !
I am a month behind on Project Life!! ARGH!!!
I LOVE photos, have them everywhere, take them serially and am addicted!
My favourite food is probably prawns, give me a pasta with prawns dish and I am sold!
I cry at anything! TV, movies, the news......
I have a sister and her name is Kristy, she is clever, wish I was that clever ( and she is making me something for my birthday and I am excited!!)
I get claustophobic, even under doonas
I hate driving up steep hills (Gero people think Snowden!) and my feet and hands sweat and I freak out!
I Love handmade items, gifts, cards, jewellery, anything!
I love summer, hate winter and am never happy with the weather!
I am secretly a Home and Away fan, but I guess its out in the open now! Maybe its made worse with the arrival of these beach boys!! hmmmmm
I rarely eat breakfast, just not into the breakfasty foods and it doesn't interest me
My favourite place we have visited would have to be Florence!! Ohh my, its amazing!
I start lots of books for "Book Club" and rarely finish them, its my addiction to magazines I blame!
I have a fear of heights, even on a ladder!
I am about 5ft 5" tall, and my husband is 6ft 9" , we look odd, but dont care!
I LOVE my family, my husband and my precious kiddies more than life itself...
I actually found this quite hard to write, so if you have a question, please ask, I need more ideas for next time!

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Happy birthday - hope it's a fabulous one!

  2. Happy birthday Liz..loved your 26 facts..and you are a Pisces....I have a soft spot for Pisceans...


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