Sunday, March 13, 2011


Sometimes you meet someone in life that you instantly LOVE. It doesn't happen very often (as I usually like to get to know someone first before making a judgement) but sometimes within 5 minutes of your first encounter, you feel like you have known them forever.
Thats the way I felt about Noel's Grandad...
Having never had a Grandad, well I have had them but both died before I was born, I fell in love with Grandad and have adored having him in our lives. He welcomed me into the family with open arms ( which was a bit different to some of the others but that is another story and all ancient history now), always had something entertaining to say and sat with a sweet little smirk on his face , all . the . time!
A kind, gentle and jovial soul, always the one for the cheeky remarks, and a smile from ear to ear, we have been truely blessed to have had him in our lives, and especially those of our children, his great grandchildren.
He served our country during the Second World War, and yet never spoke about it, never attended ANZAC Day and never like recognition or praise, it was too emotional for him anyway, but thats the type of person he was, a quiet achiever.
Yesterday, 16 days shy of his 93rd Birthday, Grandad fell asleep for the last time and went to a better place
A place where the fishing is great, the wine is sweet and the sun shines so brightly, perfect for basking in!!
Ohhh how he will LOVE it there!!

We feel so SO lucky that we went to visit him on Friday night, he got to see the kids who he loved. Got to hear a few of his cheeky lines to the Nurse, and got to see the beautiful man for the last time.

What an innings!! 93 years old. 6 kids, a farm, a war, 60 years of marriage and the oldest man I know that up until 12 months ago was going to the wharf everyday to fish off the rocks!
He will be missed, immensely, but he has left a legacy and memory in Stella that is priceless.
He taught her "See you later, alligator" and "In a while , Crocodile" and got her to eat her crusts at his house!!
She was proud as punch to show Grandma and Grandad her dancing outfit and loved their Monday mornings at their little house.
Last night Noel and Stella picked a bright shining star in the sky and named it Grandad, and she has already asked this morning if she could go outside to see him again.  This will take time for her, and her Dad, who have always had him around, and it will take time for me too, but he is now pain free, in a better place and who can argue with that?

At the twins Christening in October 2010

So, today, I dedicate this blog to the best Grandad in the WORLD.
Rest in Peace, we hope you can catch a big one!!


  1. What a beautiful post, rest in peace Grandad.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I never knew Noel's grandad well, but I did his gran. Love to you both and all the family. Kirby x


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