Friday, March 11, 2011


We have all had them.... Those times when something happens, there is a Kodak moment and you think, "Gee, I wish I had my camera handy", by the time you go and get them, the moment has gone, never to return again.
And then there are the times (which do tend to happen alot in our house!!) that you think " This might make for some good pictures" and you thank your lucky stars you can yet again, capture a beautiful moment that your kids are sharing together

This was one of them.
A warm day ( no different than the last month of temps over 30 degrees) and Lacey and Stella had awoken from their sleep,  and we decided to have some water fun!

And boy did they have fun!

Isn't she so beautiful (biased but thats a mothers right!!)


And then you capture images like these that melt your heart;

And the main man Max wakes from his slumber, to join his sisters. This is when I started to get wet from all the splashing! He is one excitable baby!

And a moment with the big sister!

Our little water babies!

And the cutest bottom around!

I hope this is inspiration or a reminder that sometimes the most beautiful images can come from fairly insignificant and spur of the moment events, and yet that memory will now last a lifetime for our precious 3 bundles! ( And fill a full page in Mummy's Project Life!!)

Happy Weekend everyone!! I hope it is a good one, we have a list of jobs a mile long, some Easter Crafting to do and some fun to be had so stay tuned for the outcome!


  1. My gosh, how totally adorable! Does Max have ginger hair or does it just look like that in the photo?

  2. Beautiful photos. It's such a shame that today's children will never know the simple joy of running through a sprinkler on a hot summer's day.

  3. Natalie , he is definately a big Ginger!! haha LOVE it though!
    Kelly, Stella LOVES the sprinkler, especially under the trampoline!


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