Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birthday

Sooo.... last Monday was my birthday! Don't get me wrong, everyone around me tried to make it special, BUT, its just not the same when you get older!! I know, I know, I am not old, but I really expected to wake up with that excited bug in my tummy still. That was not the case.

I made no plans for the day, took Stella to Dancing as per usual, then was on my way home when a friend called and asked if I could fit her in to my schedule and plans. Pfft it was wide open, so she bought over some afternoon tea and a coffee and we chatted! So nice!

Then the usual family dinner, pizza and pasta (My Mum read my blog and made the most amazing prawn pasta dish, it was to die for!!)
The kids had fun, watched a movie and we chatted and ate!

Noel and Stella eating their Icecream cake

The one different thing I requested this year for dessert was Lemon Meringue Pie!! And Boy did Mum deliver! I have never, EVER, seen a pie that looked this amazing! Have you? Mum works full time, and does my Dads books, and does my books (for the salon) and runs around like a headless chook, so it was the Cheesecake Haven that prepared this beauty!!
The kids had a blast!! Watched a movie, ate icecream and pizza, the stuff dreams are made of!

And the Pressie loot!

Gorgeous bangles and necklace from my sister

And she bought me a Laundry tin (by request) and 8 mega gorgeous hand crocheted coasters!

She also made this gorgeous brooch!!

AND these Cat Hamill bracelets (she really spoilt me, thanks Kristy!!)

A new cool watch

Some goodies from my good friend Jess!

And more!
And the usual stuff like undies, clothes etc.
Noel also bought me a new lens for my camera (yippee!!) and a voucher at Finity (and Mum did too, so I bought a dress, top and some Morrison pants)

I got absolutely SPOILT!! And had a fantastic day and feel very , VERY loved!! Thanks everyone!

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