Thursday, October 30, 2014

Angus is THREE!

Tomorrow our baby boy turns THREE!! THREE!! We just can't believe it. Time flies when you are having fun ( or have 4 kids under 4!!) Angus was a 'surprise' addition to our family but was absolutely meant to be. He slotted in , was super loved instantly and perfectly finished off our family of 6.
He was stubborn and determined with his delivery and is fiercely so now. He loves dinosaurs and cars and his favourite treat when out with Mum is a chocolate milkshake. 

Even though Angus misses the kids while they are at school immeasurably , he also laps up and loves the one on one time and attention. He comes to Mummy's 'Exercising Park' and has a ball while I puff and pant. He loves our trips to the shops and to take long siestas while the house is quiet.

This little boy melts hearts, makes people laugh and shows compassion. All fantastic qualities in life.
People often think I have triplets when we are out and about. Angus is a big , tall boy, and will soon overtake his 'big' brother Max.

But regardless of how big he is in person, I have to remind myself he is still a wee little boy. He gets puffed out and  when he naps , he is my baby again.

Dearest Angus, 
We love you dearly, appreciate every one of your kisses and cuddles and wish you a very VERY Happy 3rd Birthday ! 
Love, your family x

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