Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Re covering a Lamp

Since moving into our home, and beginning our 'rental' journey, I have been more inspired to add some colour to our home. I have been in the safe zone for so long, using mostly whites, tans , beige's and browns to decorate and I still love that look, however when you rent there aren't many things in the house that have control over, other than your soft furnishings. 
The window treatments can't be changed, you are limited as to what you can hang on the walls and can't change anything big (like cupboards, paint , bench tops etc). 
So whats the solution? 
Well my solution is to add colour with new throw cushions, recovering lamp shades, pretty table runners and painting a few items around the place. So far so good!
After sharing some piccies of my recovering adventures, I was asked a few questions, so what better way to answer everyone , than to show you just how I covered my lamp shade. 
Now I am NO expert, I am really not sure if this is the proper way to do it but its what worked for me. 

Recovering a Lamp Shade 


I started with a neutral colour lampshade that came with our standard lamp (the lamp itself was $20 from Target). 
Fabric to the length of the diameter of your shade
A hot glue gun
A can of Spray Adhesive (mine was purchased at Spotlight)

Spray your first section, with the nozzle about 20cm from the shade. 
Its best to spray the lamp shade in small sections, because the Spray Adhesive dries quite quickly. 

Lay your fabric over the area that has the wet spray adhesive, ensuring that you have a seam allowance on either side ( I measured my fabric and added 3cm to the width to allow for this)

Smooth with your hand as the fabric is rolled on , to remove any air bubbles or creases in the fabric.

Continue this process for the rest of the lamp shade until you have covered it all .

This is what it should look like when it is all covered, with the seam allowance on the top and bottom.

Cut off any excess fabric, leaving another 2-3m for the seam , and fold it over. I ironed my seam so that it would sit flat on the lamp shade ( just gently ran the iron over the fabric and lamp shade)

Run a strip of hot glue just under the seam and press to flatten.

Next we need to fold the small seam on each rim over and secure with a line of hot glue as well. Again, its best to work in small sections as the hot glue cools and sets quite quickly.
Run a length of glue, fold the fabric over and wait a few seconds until it sets, repeat the whole way around.

Ta - Da! 
There you have an updated, brighter and customised lamp shade to suit your living area and colour scheme. 
And it only took an hour or so. Now I am looking for my next victim to be recovered! 
Its addictive!

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