Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Storing Lego Instruction Booklets

With having four kids, also comes four kids worth of Birthday and Christmas gifts. Our kids have all reached the 'LEGO stage' and after Christmas (where we received 13 boxes between them all as gifts) we had a fair few Instruction Booklets that need to be kept safe and stored until the time that we may need them again. 

Even though our kids are quite clever and responsible with their LEGO sets, accidents do happen (and so do little brothers!) so it was always going to be inevitable that the creations would break and they would eventually want to put the specific items back together. 

I wanted a way of preserving the instructions for the long term but still being able to flick through them like a book. After seeing something similar on Pinterest , I knew I wanted to give it a go. 

So out came the laminator and after a few nights in front of my favourite TV show and a pair of scissors, we had beautifully plastic wrapped sheets.

Holes were punched in the corner (either with a regular hole punch or a single craft style one) and a split ring threaded through the holes. I used to buy these from Scrap booking shops but they were around $5 for about 6-8 rings. And at one stage I needed around 20 of them for a bulk laminating and booklet session. Not so cost effective! 

Ebay came to the rescue and I found a supplier that sells them in a range of sizes and in bulk! Winning!
Check them out HERE if you are interested.

Laminating sheets aren't cheap, especially when you are using a couple of hundred in one session ( I tend to save up what I need to laminate and do it all in one go) but its a once off cost. You only have to laminate and do this process once and you have a perfect booklet for decades to come . Plus , it doesn't seem so bad if you add a pack of laminating sheets to your trolley each time you are in Kmart or the supermarket!

All our booklets are stored in a basket , although this one is quite full now. 

And the basket is in a easily accessible position, on an open shelf in our Toy Area. Its satisfying to see one of the kids get the basket down, rifle through the instructions and use them for creating. 
My job is done!

How do you store your LEGO instruction books?

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  1. Mine are in plastic envelope style folders in a three drawer unit. But we do have a lego room so we have a lot of sets. My folders a split into categories like Friends Lego 2012, Friends Lego Animals, The Lego Movie, Princess Lego etc. Lego is such a great toy and lasts forever so hubby and I don't mind spending money on it. My daughters getting 2 Christmas sets from Lego online plus another lego movie set for Christmas so it never ends!


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