Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Craft - Finger Print Canvas'

Every year , these Mini Canvas' are one of the first crafts we do. Not only because they are an awesome keepsake ( and gift for Grandparents and family) but because they are so cute!
The kids now look forward to doing them , as each year they turn out a little different and then like to compare the finger and hand sizes as the years go on and they grow. I first saw this on Pinterest , then again shortly after on A Little Delightful blog, there are a few variations around and they all look super cute!

To make this craft much easier when dealing with little people and little messy fingers , gather all of your supplies before you begin. Finger painting and young kids can often be a bit stressful. 

You will need brown and white paint , a background colour for your snowman print, a few mini canvases ( ours are from Kmart for $2 and they come with the cute ease) , markers for the detail in the prints and I also use some Stickles  ( a scrapbooking puffy glitter and pearl paint)

They are pretty simple really. A brown finger print for each child to make the reindeers and a white finger print for each child to make a snowman. If you are doing a canvas per child, then obviously you would use all 4 of their fingers and multiple finger prints . 

I chose to paint the snowman canvas in advance, but this year have left the reindeer one raw. 

Snowmen - You just add orange noses on the snowmen and black details for the face and buttons. I then used the Stickles for the hats and bows /scarves.

Reindeer -  Add black antlers , a red nose (again I used Stickles), white eyes with a black dot. 
Stinking cute! 

And we made an extra to send to Grandma and Poppy! 

Here are a few from the years gone by, tiny little fingers. 

Do you make these canvas' too? I'd love to see your variations!

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