Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Craft - Potato Stamped Wreaths and Cards

This year, I am trying to throw in a few new Christmas Crafts swell as the old faithfuls. These Potato Stamped Wreaths were quick and easy and are the type of craft that anyone can do with materials that are usually on hand in your home all the time. 

Its as simple as carving a few different leaf designs out of halved potatoes, pouring a little paint and tracing a circle in pencil around a bowl or round object to your desired size. 

We used a large cereal type bowl from Kmart , purely because it was a good size to fit on normal A4 paper but you can adjust this depending on a want and need basis. 
We also used a few different colours of green for our leaves, just to add some interest to the wreaths, but again, this is also personal choice. 

With the circle already giving a template, this is a fairly independent type of craft to do. Once the kids were set up, I just let them go for it! 

If you find your child has trouble holding the potato (we didn't use the biggest of spuds!) then just stab a fork into the back and it acts as a handle! It also conveniently saves on a fair bit of mess all over the hands! 

After the foliage is done, then comes the red berries. We used a small sponge that we bought in a brush pack ( I think it was from Kmart some time ago) but again, you could carve something similar out of a potato or even cut a carrot and use that (its about the same shape and size).

When all the kids at finished their wreaths, we had some left over paint so we decided to make some Holly clusters. Please forgive me for the upside down picture, I can not for the life of me work out how to spin it (well I tried numerous times and it didn't work, I'm sure you get the gist !) 

I cut these to size and they have made gorgeous , personalised cards when glued to plain cards (purchased from Spotlight and Kmart).

Simple yet pretty effective! I think they are gorgeous!

The wreaths turned out amazing as well. I just trimmed the excess paper off the outside and now they are pinned to our Toy Room cupboards to add some festive spirit to the room.
You can also make smaller versions of the potato stamps to use on plain brown paper for gift wrapping or even stamp a wreath onto the outside of a paper plate and cut out the centre for a gorgeous door decoration.

The possibilities are endless , I hope you have fun exploring them!

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