Saturday, December 5, 2015

Putting Up the Christmas Tree

Its something that most people do (those that celebrate Christmas that is..) and everyone has their own little traditions and takes on things. As previously mentioned, this year I have Christmas spirit in abundance. Tons and tons and too much of it apparently (is that even possible?!) So ... this can only mean one thing. 
 Our tree was up in November! Shock horror right?!
Why not I say?! Plus with my husband work roster , it just fit into our schedule better that way.

Ok, this 'Putting up the Tree' is serious business in our house! I don't go as far as dressing the kids all matching (or even changing their clothes for that matter) , they just wear whatever it was that they put on after school. But .... we do have Christmas carols playing while we put it up. Michael Buble' of course , and perhaps a few Mariah Carey Christmas songs thrown in there too.

I also spread all the branches out myself, because I like them done 'just so' and I wrap the lights and the bead strings but from there it is a bit of a free-for- all.
All our tree decorations and a few other small Christmas items are stored in the red boxes pictured above. They have divided sections and really make it easier to organise and protects our precious ornaments.

This year I had decided to go for an all white look on the tree. Then when the boxes were out and I was looking through all the special ornaments , I just couldn't follow through. We have collected our random assortment of tree ornaments from all around the world on our travels and have been gifted many by family from overseas too. Each year they bring back memories and the kids get so much joy out of putting up the decorations that they have each made over the years. 

So carols are on, kids are singing, and helping each other with placement and selection and I love every second of it!

When it comes to the star, each child has a turn to put it on and have a photograph taken. We are pretty fortunate that our tree is massive , yet so is our Daddy (6ft 9  to be exact!) so no step ladder is needed. Actually I don't even own a step ladder!
So every child has a turn then Daddy makes sure its secure at the end, aint no one want to get pinned by a rogue star falling from a tree!

Then a customary group shot 'must' be taken! Dog included!

And thats a wrap for the tree. Our lights are on pretty much all the time (we have a dark house so you can see them) and I just love the twinkly at night when all the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. 

It really is , the most wonderful time of the year! 

Tell me, do you have certain things that must happen when you put up your tree?

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