Monday, October 22, 2012

A fairy visit

Exactly a week ago now, we had a special visit from a fairy to our home.
Not just any fairy mind you. A dummy fairy!!

Our dear little Max and Lacey are 2 1/2 now and still loved having a dummy for nap and night time sleeps. We had managed to wean them off wanting it all the time, or especially when tired/sooky/hurt etc by keeping their dummy and teddy (a rug with a small teddy attached) in a top kitchen cupboard.
Out of sight (and reach) , out of mind , and all that.
We had never intended on letting them have their dummies so often, but with a bad run of sickness around 6 months ago, a small comfort suck turned into a big , all day kinda thing.

Anyhooo, each to their own, but I don't like seeing kids talk through dummies, and really think that by their age, it was time to give them up.
Max's dummy had a hole in it and we refused to replace it. One day, actually last Monday, he walked in to me in the morning , and took it out to talk. I simply said that it was yucky now and that the dummy fairy needs to take it away.
Much to my surprise he said "I put it in the bin, the dummy fairy come now"
And that was that.
Lacey however , needed a bit more coaxing, as her dummy was still in tact, and although she seemed to be the one less reliant on it, she was in fact a bit more emotional about giving it away. Funny little people we have.

We like to explain it to the kids like this;
The dummy fairy comes at night (of their first night without one) and takes the dummy and gives it to a baby that needs it. She leaves a small present in exchange , for being such a generous little soul.
Their first day time sleep was relatively painless. Apart from taking longer to sleep and chatting away with each other, they never once cried out for it or asked for a dummy.

Nights have been good, but wake ups in the morning rather early. I suspect that when they used to wake early,they would search for their dummy and resettle for a little longer. But early mornings we can handle , we are just so proud of our little cherubs.

And now, the pictures tell a thousand words.

Their first sleep and the morning they woke to a special gift, from a special fairy.........

Oh how time flies.......


  1. Snap! Last Sunday was my lil man's (almost 2 1/2) first day without his dummy too...I'd first mentioned it about a month ago just to start him thinking about it.

    We chose a special present that he knew he'd get once he threw all his dummies away. So all we had to do was go around the house, find the dummies and put them in a plackie bag. Then I asked him to throw them in the big bin outside for the rubbish truck man to take. He did it all himself, was very happy to. And more than happy to open his present!!

    He did ask for it for the next 3 sleeps but I'd just say that he doesn't have a dummy anymore and his response was a big smile and "awwww, I got" (forgot)!! He really is proud to be a "big boy" now too :)

    Oh and just like your two...he does have a bit more of a chat to his bedtime toys now!

  2. holy moly your daughter is looking more and more like you every single day. look how happy they are.

  3. oh how gorgeous :)
    time flies all right!!


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