Saturday, October 6, 2012

For the love of Insta.....

I am addicted. Probably more than addicted to my daily fix of Instagram.  I love seeing those small snippets of peoples lives , all through  the view of a small lense. There is something pretty special about it.

For those of you that aren't aware or familiar with Instagram, it is an Application that you can have, for free, on a smart phone. Its similar to Facebook, just without chatting, all photo based, but with comments and following.

The best thing? The editing and cropping options that allows you to turn a seemingly average photo , into something pretty speccie! Try hard photographer or what?!

Anyway, just for a little Saturday Fun, a peek inside a few of my recent Instagram pics.

Wearing coloured jeans for the first time! VERY big for me, I wasn't too keen on them, but love them now!

The sweet view of our biggest princess, reading quietly in the reading corner.

Little performers putting on a show for me! Complete with fairy dresses and  pink microphone!

A tagging game of Polka dot counts! I love love polkadots and here are a few of my favourites

Darling boy, wanting to walk too soon!

Hmmm the thing about boy/girl twins? They share everything!! Even big sisters dance costume!

I love our family walks. And this is when Lacey desperately wanted to ride her big sisters bike instead of sitting in the pram!

Twins = Double cuddles. The best

And a clean and sparkling house , ready for a home open!

See... small snippets of everyday life.
Love it


  1. Hope that your open house went well Liz. Your house looks so gorgeous, I am sure it'll be snapped up so quickly!!

  2. Love IG too Liz and pleased to have "met" you through this medium :) I really enjoy your blog too :)

  3. haha everyone who starts gets hooked! its like a mini blog!!


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