Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toy Room Labels - PRINTABLE

Do you remember our Toy Room Makeover and post?
How could you forget , right?!

After the awesome responses and feedback about the room and decor , I was pretty chuffed. Its so nice to know that everyone feels the same way you do, about kids new space.
However, as much as you all liked the entire room, I had so many comments on the gorgeous labels that I used on the toy baskets.

And they do look pretty awesome, but I can not take credit for them. Not one little bit.
The super gorgeous Bianca from a little delightful was behind the cute little labels, and being the kind soul she is, they have just been launched as a printable!!!

Print them, laminate them, punch them, hang them, tape them, contact over them.... whatever you do , they will organise a room and add such a uniform and tidy look.
The kids love the labels, and so do I . Whenever we have had play dates, they have made the pack up , so much easier when everyone knows where things go!

They labels are now available to download, you can find them HERE
And , better still,  they come in a few lovely colours, to match your decor.

So thanks Bianca, you are one clever lady ! x


  1. I think it is important to pictures on the label for preverbal children. This helps them be more self sufficient and encourages them to clean up as they "match" the toys to their appropriate basket.

  2. Whoops, cleaned out all of ours at least 6months ago...said I was going to add labels. Never did it. That is so like me. I was waiting until I made some up as I wanted pictures on them as well for the little non reader...and Dad...hehe and as I didnt find any I never got around to it. Maybe I should forget the pictures and just print these and get them on already!


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