Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review- Funky Elephant Trunks

Today I wanted to share with you something that has made our week so much fun!
If you have been a follower of my blog for some time, you would know that I love to craft with our kiddos, and they like to do it just as much. However lately, life has been busy, frantic even, and I have really struggled to find the time (and energy) to organise supplies and conjure up craft ideas.

That is where this fantastic company comes in to the equation!

The clever people at Funky Elephant have developed a subscription based 'Craft Trunk' filled with 3 - 4 activities that you can complete at your own leisure.
The trunks (cute little boxes) are aimed at children aged 3-7 (but our twins loved the crafts and they are 2 ) and have everything, and I mean everything, that you need to complete the crafts , with Step by Step illustrated instructions. Each craft activity comes with its own little booklet, with a list of supplies (all supplied and waiting in your trunk) that you will need to complete the tasks.
Subscriptions for these cool trunks can be purchased 2,6 and 12 monthly, and they get delivered right to your door!! Crafting could not have been made easier!

We were lucky enough to receive one of these trunks (which is perfect for one child, or to share with your children like we did ,you can purchase additional supplies for more kids) to have a play with.
It was so nice to get back into crafting, and I think the kids missed it more than I did!
Every few days I would just check the box, grab our instructions and supplies and enjoy having a play with the kids.

Each month the trunks activities are all based around a them and our trunks theme was 'Garden' .

We decorated a few gorgeous little pots with stickers and foams, then made pipe cleaner flowers to adorn them, pieced together some bees and caterpillars and also planted our own little seeds, and have been observing them change over the last few days.

See how much fun the kids had?!

Supplies all ready for our Planting project, even down to the pencil and labels.

Ta-Da!! There they are, soaking up the sunlight on our kitchen window. We have been tracking the seeds progress and the kids are having a ball learning about the growth process of our food!

The kiddos are so proud of their efforts and so am I !! And whats better than happy kids? A happy Mum of course!!
And why wouldn't I be happy? The kids have made some goodies, we have had fun crafting together and I have not had the stress and hassle of organising the supplies and activity , all from the comfort of my own home!

If you would love to craft with your kids, but lack time and motivation ( or even crafty skills) then these trunks are perfect for you!! Or perhaps for a Christmas or Birthday gift for your niece, nephew. A gift that keeps on giving!

The gorgeous ladies at Funky Elephant have been so kind as to offer Bizzy Dayz readers some amazing discounts when subscribing to receive trunks!

 You can receive - $5.00 off the 2 months subscription or $10.00 off the 6 month subscription when using the codes below .
Why not take advantage of this opportunity and order your subscription!

The discount codes are valid until 30 November 2012.
 Simply enter the codes at the checkout phase of your subscription
Code - LIZ5 - $5.00 off 2 month subscription


Code - LIZ10 - $10 off 6 month subscription
Go ahead, subscribe!

Perfect timing to complete some Festive shopping, even making sure the long Summer Holidays are going to be filled with lots of crafty stuff!
Please Note-  I was given one of these trunks to have a play with and review. I was not paid to write this review and all the opinions and facts are my own, and are only written with honesty.

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