Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wrapping Station

The inside of cupboard doors are often overlooked when it comes to organising and space saving. Many are in areas that would be perfect to set up a "station" for something or an area of their home that has been an issue. For me , this was our Wrapping supplies and our odd shaped front 'Cloak Cupboard'.

At the front of our home, right inside the front door, we have this cupboard. It is an odd shape, sort of triangular and has just one shelf and a hanging rail. Obviously meant for a cloak and jacket cupboard, but seeing as though we live in the sunny mid west of Western Australia, this is not really needed. Instead it stores my vacuum cleaner, big seasonal items (as in Christmas items that are too tall for storages boxes and other cupboards) and also a few wrapping items.

Insert 'Wrapping Station' Idea!
I like to keep a large variety of wrapping goods and cards on hand all the time. I am terrible for forgetting a card and find it easier to do a pass purchase , for all different occasions/ages/genres etc and store them for the occasions throughout the year. Throw in a few handmade cards ( I use the left over of my Scrapbooking class kits to make cards ) and I have quite a few to store.
All our wrapping and gift goodies were stored in the buffet at our front door, pictured HERE, in the small draws at the top. One for cards, one for wraps , one for other nifty things , but I wasn't able to store large gift bags or the large rolls of wrap. This was an issue.

Until..... I saw this fantastic post from Cassandra on her blog Cassadiva (she has some really really great ideas and full of inspiration!) It was perfect for our little unused cupboard door and I was able to fit a lot more wrapping supplies in too !

As with my inner Pantry door makeover HERE, these baskets all came from Bunnings and are only a few dollars each. I tried to make the most of the door space , and also tried to make sure that if the kids did get into the cupboard (and they have done, and the scissors have since been moved ) that they are only going to play with a few rolls of wrapping paper.

The top baskets are higher, and are perfect for wrapping sheets/ tissue paper/ celophane.
 (All the messy brown paper up the top is the kids paintings. At home I like to get them to paint on a big sheet of brown paper then we use it for wrapping paper )
Then the next baskets are for twine, small gift tins and ribbons (most of my ribbons are stored with my scrapbooking supplies)  And also a small sticky tape dispenser.
And then again, I used the deep baskets for cards, as they come in all shapes and sizes. (I also like to pick up cards on clearance at Typo, they have gorgeous cards)

I then used my trusty little 'S' hooks to hang a little basket (IKEA) for cute pegs, accesories and a pair of scissors ( Like I said, I have since moved them until the novelty of the cupboard wears off)

A Closer view of the ribbons and cards.

And of course, down the bottom, rolls of wrapping paper. I also store a roll of Bonding paper ( for sewing) and contact.  The bar at the top helps to keep all the rolls standing up properly and ensures they don't fall out every time the door is used.

As you can see, I totally copied Cassandras ideas, baskets , everything! But how could you not? It looks fantastic and is totally functional as well! Win /win!

Another great organising project, easy on the budget and simple to complete in just a few hours.

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Do you have any spaces you need to get organised? Let me know and I will try and include them in a feature! But for now, happy organising, hit that Bunnings store and create your own 'Wrapping Station'


  1. Oh I love this! I can not wait til the new year when I move and can start setting up little areas like this! xx

  2. This looks great Liz! I love the way that you put two baskets side by side, to make the most of the width of the door - genius!! And super-clever putting the rolls at the bottom so the kids don't get into all of the other stuff ;) Looks fabulous - happy wrapping! xx

  3. Wow that is truly fantastic Liz!
    I definitely need something like this!
    For me I need to organise some of the spare cupboards in our house which seem to just accumulate stuff we dont use much or gifts given to us that we dont need!


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