Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Craft Creations

More Christmas crafting has been happening here and our pin board is starting to look very festive!!
I have been cutting, organising and preparing everything we need for each craft session the night before we intend to do them and it definitely helps with the craft induced stress factor!

After seeing this fantastic idea on Pinterest ( Source from HERE) , I just knew we had to add it to the Christmas 2012 Craft List (and yes, I do have one!)

A few punched circles for a nose and eyes, triangle for hat, doily for hair and beard and some other shapes cut out and everything was set to go.
So darn cute! These would have to be my favourite Christmas craft we have done yet!

Another little craft activity we completed over the week was these cute Christmas trees made out of paper strips. Another fabulous Pinterest idea (source HERE) and something that everyone and anyone can complete.

I simply cut some half in strips in 2 different colour greens, but yours can be as little or big as you like and any colour too!
A glue stick, a pretty star for the top and its a quick, easy and pretty clean sort of crafting session!

You have got to love a craft idea that you can complete in just a few minutes after school or before sleep time etc.

And lets not forget the cute doily tree decos that I organised and we made at Playgroup.
So pretty and effective when finished and something to treasure forever.

These are small doilies that the kids added glue, glitter and little sparkly accents to, then glued together with a loop of ribbon in between. I think they are so gorgeous!

So that is what we have been up to this week.  There are plenty more things on the To Do list , time is the hard factor!
Have you been Christmas crafting? Or using my crafts and posts as inspiration?
I'd love for you to post photos on my Facebook page .


  1. What lovely craft ideas Liz! My favourite is the santa and I will definitely be adding this one to my Christmas craft list. Yes I have a list too!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Gosh I love those santa's Liz ... I love anything that uses doilies! Will definately need to find the time to squeeze this one in before christmas .... it's so hard to pick which crafts to do when there's so much inspiration on pinterest!


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