Saturday, December 29, 2012

Homemade Christmas Goodies

As I do every year, I baked and made some goodies to pop in bags and give away as gifts to the people that I wanted to say 'Merry Christmas' to but not actually buy a gift for.
Not only that , but I think that a little home made gift is better than anything that you can buy in a shop. It was made with love, thought about with care and packaged with joy.

After my husband bought me a Thermomix a few months ago, I have been dieing to make some jam, and thought of no better reason.
So a batch of Strawberry, Apple and vanilla jam was created and bundled up in cute jars with fabric and ribbon. Totally delicious and I hope people are enjoying them!

I baked a few batched of sweets and packaged them up for our daycare lady and ironing lady (women worth their weight in gold, and even though our twins are only in care a few hours a week, and we only get our ironing done once a fortnight, they make my life so so much easier than it could be!)

Smaller versions were packaged up in these super cute Kikki K bags and tags for close girlfriends/godparents and neighbours.

The sweets included;
Top deck rocky road
Gingerbread  biscuits
Chocolate cherry, hazelnut slice
Rum balls
Oreo Puddings

I also made some white Christmas (and it wouldn't fit in the bag)
and a mango fruit cake for a few back up gifts for those unexpected visitors that you feel the need to gift to.

Each package was tied with some cute string and popped inside the bag.

All traditional, simple yet effective (and YUMMY) baking but its sure to bring joy to those I care for.

Do you bake special gifts? A traditional item every year?

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  1. My hubby bought me a thermomix for Xmas! So spoilt! M still waiting for it to arrive, but it's going too make my Xmas gifts so much easier to make next year!


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