Friday, December 28, 2012

The lead up

In the last week leading up to Christmas Day, we crammed a fair few activities in to fill up our days (and nights) and enhance the joy and spirit. Here is a SMALL snippet;

As a child, every year before Christmas, my big cousins, my sister and I would spend an afternoon making rum balls together. Our parents would supply the ingredients, some 2L bottles of Cool drink and Salt and Vinegar chips and we were in seventh heaven!! And they got to have a tidy supply of Rum Balls!! Alcohol free of course!
So this year I thought we could start the tradition again, only with our children.
So a morning (as its better for young kiddos like ours) was spent laughing and having fun making little balls of Christmas spirit.


Stella and I went on a Mummy, daughter date to the carols and my Mum came too! 3 generations of girls , singing sweet carols and spending some quality time together.

No carols are complete without fireworks , right?! haha not quite.

Some more Christmas Crafting was done. This time we created Christmas trees out of paper plates. The kids painted them one afternoon (when it was hot and they were playing outside and had water play too!) then the decorating was done a few days later.

Some Christmas stickers, glitter, sequins and confetti shapes certainly made for pretty trees!!

Once completed and dry, I stapled them to some ribbon and created a cute Christmas bunting for the reading corner in the toy room. Extra trees were given as gifts to the Grandparents on Christmas Day.

We went on a family Christmas light tour on a bus (Poppy was driver). It was such a brilliant night. Everyone sang carols, the kids giggled and had fun. That's how childhood memories are made.


As you can see, we have kept busy and certainly created quite the build up to Christmas Day. Our kids were beyond excited and it was just so magical to witness.

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