Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas ......

Our Christmas Eve was magical. After years and years of working right up to the death knock of Christmas and hours and hours through the season, I am relishing in fact that I can be with my children at this special time and experience everything with them.

Our day started with the kids finding their Elf , Alfie, and reading his note etc as explained in this post HERE. Thats when the excitement started brewing!!

The kids went to their grandparents for a few hours (as they are going away and won't see them for a week or so) and this gave me time to clean the house (general vac, mop, dust, bathrooms etc) all the baking and cooking I needed to do for Christmas Day and also the last minute wrapping and organising.
I also set up a special Christmas Eve dinner for our family. This is the first year we have had a special little dinner, with just us,as we are always with extended family but we really enjoyed it and so did the kids , so it may just become a family tradition.

No Christmas dinner is complete without a pavlova , right?

Lacey certainly enjoyed herself!!

Alfie spent his last night with us before flying away on Father Christmas' sleigh, at the dinner table , climbing the tree!

Then came the customary kiddy photo.
Pffft as if!

So sweet, even though Angus wasn't playing the game!

Time to put out the reindeer food and Father Christmas' snacks!

And because we don't have a chimney, he needs a key to get in!

Ahhhh all nestled all safe and warm in their beds. The stockings were laid, the presents were wrapped and Father Christmas visited our house.

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  1. Looks like a perfect way to spend Xmas Eve!


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