Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back to School - The BIG first day!

The day finally came!! The much anticipated first day back at school! Not forgetting the first day of Kindergarten for Max and Lacey! 

On Sunday, the day before school starting, I was finishing all those last minute jobs. Ironing on school labels to socks, ironing the first day uniforms and packing their bags. And whilst doing so , I became quite emotional. 
Ok , Ok , I think you would call it hysterical! The tears started flowing and they flowed freely for a few hours! I couldn't believe that our little people were going to be starting school.
Doing things independently and that the 3 and a half years had flown by so quickly. 
However, it was hard to be sad about it , when they were clearly so excited and confident about their new phase. Plus I knew I could not be emotional on the morning of school, as I could pass my moods and anxiety onto them and that would be awful.

So, on Monday morning, from the minute all 3 big kids opened their eyes, there was a buzz of excitement in the air!! 

I packed 3 lunch boxes for the first time, with a few sets of eyes watching my every move and seeing what they would be snacking on for the day! Again, so much excitement over the small things, like their own snack containers and what they will get to eat and when! 

I layed out all their uniforms, socks and shoes. 

I did some 'First Day Hairdos' (and our Hair caddy is working a treat , see my post on it HERE)

And then the obligatory 'First Day photos' happened. 
Be still my beating heart. They look gorgeous in their uniforms! 

Two super excited little kids. Aren't they just the cutest?

And all of a sudden I have .....

And I am one proud Mumma! They are kind, happy and polite kids.
What more could you ask for? 

And then ......
They walked into school, with their heads held high and their backpacks like trophy's on their backs (poor Max, his backpack nearly goes to his knees!)

And they didn't turn back and hardly said goodbye! 

And we headed out for Morning tea with Master Angus (he was very sad he couldn't stay at school too!! Even had to take his backpack in and put it with the kids ones !)
And we enjoyed the day with Daddy home (he had the day off to help with settling into classrooms)

The day flew by , and it was time to pick them up.
Again, more happy, smiling faces with lots of news to share! 
A very successful First day thankfully! 

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