Sunday, February 16, 2014


Happy ....
Its been a challenging past 12 months, but I can honestly say that this feeling that I have, is happiness.
Contentment, joy, excitement and above all , I am happy.

Almost 9 months ago , my husband and I made the massive decision for him to accept a position in a new town. A month later , a truck and crew were packing our belongings and we were heading to the Pilbara.
We relocated our children and lives away from our family and closest friends , to embark on a wonderful journey.

Originally we set out with a 5 year plan. To move up here , work hard and save money to be able to return to our home town and build our dream home. To be able to afford the luxury of me staying at home to look after the kids and raise them, only returning to work when I want to, not because I have to. Yes they were big sacrifices to make , to leave my parents and family behind and uproot the kids from everything they have ever known but we know now, it was the right thing to do.

This move has been the making of us. We are closer in our relationship. We have had to rely on each other more than ever before. We had no one else when we moved here but that's certainly not the case anymore.
Now we are lucky enough to have beautiful caring and generous friends , life long friends. Not that we don't have those back home, but everyone is in the same boat up here.
Our friends have become our family when we have don't have any close.
Everyone is just so ..... friendly.
Friends that call me to check to see if I have lost it crying on the first day of school. Friends who offer to have our FOUR children when I need a little time out. Friends who you laugh, talk and cry with.

And we are happy.
Everyone has their ups and downs and it just so happened that last year (or more so the year before )  was a little of a downer for me (until the end of June) . I learnt some home truths about friends and friendships , unfortunately the hard way but it all makes you grow and appreciate things that little bit more.

And at the start of July, our lives changed. And as my husband says to me "the Pilbara has changed
you Morrison"and it has.
I am happy , content and loving life.
And I hope you are too! And if not, have faith that your turn will come. The future will be brighter and tomorrow is a new day. There is a wonderful life waiting for you to live it, don't miss the opportunity!


  1. This place is pretty special isn't it? I think we must have arrived here around the same time as you, with very similar goals and have had a similar reaction. There is something about its dirty, dusty, rough as guts exterior that makes it magical and I really think the people here are so friendly and supportive :)

  2. Great to hear it Liz, I'm sure there is much more happiness and adventures out there for you.

  3. The Pilbara certainly is a special spot! I've been up this way my whole life & love it. We often think where will we move to next? We have it all here! Will be hard to top :-).

  4. Lovely post Liz, so nice to hear your move has been worth it on a number of levels. I live away from my mum too, it's a little easier for me as I moved as soon as I finished high school so I don't really know any different, but it is nice to know our family unit is a unit on it's own merit. I always teach my children family first. Great friends are an absolute bonus!


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