Monday, February 10, 2014

Back To School- Homework Supplies

Even though are children are young and are in early grades of schooling, they still receive a small amount of homework. 
They also love to draw and write random notes on any piece of paper they can find!
For this reason, I have always kept a caddy full of stationery and drawing supplies , within reach and convenient to them. 

As with anything, these things tire, get ratty and need an update. 

The caddy we use is from Pottery Barn Kids and can be found HERE.  I bought this quite a number of years ago and it is still in great condition , despite its rough treatment by the kids. I did line the compartments at the base with clear contact when I bought it , to protect the base from pencil stains etc.
There are quite a number of caddies on the market these days like THIS , THIS and THIS
Something that is transportable, easy to carry and has a few compartments for different supplies.

So with the back to school sales at the moment, I took advantage of the prices and bought some new supplies for our caddy. 

Gave the caddy a clean and filled it with some new goodies! 

Its amazing what creativity some new supplies and a few days at school can inspire! 
Our Max drew this the same day I gave the Caddy a tidy. He never , ever draws. He would much rather play with his cars or Ninja Turtles , but I was so pleased he joined us for a drawing session. 
And he is so good at it when he wants to be!

So there you have our answer to making the homework time a little easier! 
I have found it a challenge to be able to supervise the other children that want to sit and create at the table, while Stella is doing her homework, whilst I am trying to help with the said homework too! Throw in the fact that its cranky hour and I am trying to prepare dinner! Phew, hard work!

Anything to make this time easier, I say! All the supplies, in one convenient spot.
Perfect ...

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  1. Recently discovered through my niece that drawing and having LOTS of coloring paraphernalia is the key to keeping children in one place. Have designated a coloring station in the house so the mess would be isolated in one area. Your homework supplies gave me another idea. Thank you! - Layce of


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